Disciplinary Issues

What If I am Unhappy With My Employee?

If you are unhappy with your Personal Assistant it is really important that you seek advice before taking any action. You will have legal contractual obligations to your employee. You can contact Salvere Independent Living who will advise what steps you should take. This may involve a call to your employers’ liability insurer. You should always buy the higher level of insurance so that you have indemnified employment law advice and support from qualified consultants. Any actions taken without a call to your insurer could render your cover invalid.

We can support you in trying to resolve conflicts prior to any disciplinary action, though unfortunately it can happen. We would advise you in employment law and we would support you to get the best resolution to a situation.

We have experience in complex disciplinary issues, changes to Personal Assistant's terms and conditions of employment and dismissing or terminating a Personal Assistant's contract of employment.